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Vacuum cleaners have come a long way since your grandma’s days of cleaning house, and one of the most popular types available today is the stick vacuum. It’s lightweight, easy to h...Oct 31, 2018 ... Don't Worry, Be Happy, says Ginga! Did y'all catch that cup drop? Don't tell Gramma! Gramma and Ginga Laugh, Follow, ...About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...GRAMMA & GINGA: THE MOVIE is a 30-minute documentary film that tells the story of these two beloved internet superstars. This intimate portrait chronicles Gramma & Ginga’s unexpected rise to fame and takes viewers home to their small West Virginia town, where they reminisce and share their stories of the past hundred years— the good, the ...The funniest sisters on the internet - 102 year old Gramma and 97 year old Ginga... Video. Home. Live. Reels. Shows. Explore. More. Home. Live. Reels. Shows. Explore. Jimmy …Here is my eulogy for our sweet Ginga. I really didn’t expect to get this emotional, and it caught me off guard. It was tough getting through this, but I think Ginga would approve!! I loved Ginga so much, and she’s the LAST member of our family from this generation…so it was like the last bit of my childhood died as well.Gramma and Ginga have fun arguing with each other during the car ride. Each one likes to give the other a hard time, but it's all in good fun. fair use 1:43Gramma loves to cook and make food for her family. Watch today's video to see her making a salad...just right! Not too much oil, Sheila! Gramma and Gingawww....Gramma and Ginga are sisters. Gramma is 104 years old on March 21, 2018 and Ginga is 99. They were born and raised and currently live in Clarksburg, WV, and they reside about 4 blocks from each ...Back in 2016 when Gramma was calling Ginga to watch their interview on #jimmykimmel 🤣🤣 “She sounds like a Bear!” 🐻 Love Frank lol on the sofa! Ps- excuse my thumb!! Ps- excuse my thumb!! LikeGinga and Gramma were excited to be on the red carpet where all the actors and actresses walk as they appeared on NBC's "Little Big Shots: Forever Young." Submitted photo Gramma and Ginga with Steve HarveyTwo sisters named Gramma and Ginga aged 105 and 100 are making the internet laugh as videos of their bickering are uploaded online. The two sisters, even though they don’t live with each other are both from Clarksburg, West Virginia. They grandchildren capture their funny arguments and shenanigans and upload it online with their videos ...By WDTV News Staff. Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 9:52 AM PDT. CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - The remaining half of the famous dynamic duo …22K. 738K views 5 years ago. Well folks, HERE is what everyone has been waiting for...but believe me nobody more than us and these two amazing sisters Gramma and Ginga. I can honestly say we...Ginga from Gramma & Ginga Passed Away 9/27/22CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) — Harrison County comedic social media sensation Arlene "Ginga" Cody Bashnett has p...May 18, 2020 · How bout a little “best of” video from the gals!! These are always good for some great laughs and Lord knows we could all use some these crazy days! 💪💪😆😆😆 Nov 22, 2018 · Well folks, HERE is what everyone has been waiting for...but believe me nobody more than us and these two amazing sisters Gramma and Ginga. I can honestly sa... Sisters Genevieve Musci and Arlene Cody Bashnett (aka Gramma and Ginga) are 102 and 97 years old, which means they have been at each other's throats for near... was sitting watching this and wanted to say so grateful you will have this history of Gramma and Ginga as well for many years to come. Today is the 10th anniversary of my Mom's passing ...seems like yesterday.Gramma and Ginga were two sisters, Genevieve "Gramma" Musci (March 21, 1914 – December 25, 2020) and Arlene "Ginga" Bashnett (February 4, 1919 – September 28, 2022), who became Internet celebrities in the 2010s when videos taken of the duo by their family members went viral on YouTube and Facebook. The … See moreGramma & Ginga. 2021 · 32 min. TV-PG. Documentary. Meet two lovable centenarian sisters who never moved beyond a three-block radius of their West Virginia town only to become international sensations. Subtitles: English. Starring: Arlena Bashnett Frank Fumich Sheila Liljenquist Genevieve Musci. Directed by: Jennifer Steinman Sternin.G and G: Gramma and Ginga Gay Lynn Kettle Bath Gramma’s basement was full for her annual Christmas party and every family gathering plus her slide shows of her vacations to …NEVER SEEN BEFORE VIDEO…. This must of been back in 2015 or 2016… I talked Gramma into sitting on her back porch to get some fresh air. You can see how much she’s enjoying herself!🤣 She bitched to Ginga about getting her plastic container back and it took Ginga hours to circle back with it haha! 🤣🤪 Of course, Gramma is her very …Among the top 120 trendy names for grandmothers, according to SheKnows, are GG, Glammy, MeMom and NotherMother. Choosing a fun nickname for a grandmother can be a way of honoring a...This is a typical conversation these two loving sisters have each day:)Lost both my parents within 6 months of each other.. just went back to Virginia last week to clear out my dad's house.. still smelled like him so friggin hard I cried ALOT. God bless you loved watching your grandma and Ginga made me laugh alot“Spotted Dick” Pt2 “There’s a Spot on Dick!... Who ‘n the Hell named this?!”藍藍 ...Things go from bad to worse!! Blame it on the Queen!! Thanks, Ava,...Like their NEW Facebook page here:, I'm pretty sure we got Ginga dropping the f-bomb here!! Oh boy. Gramma is really...Property of NBC, Steve Harvey and/or Gramma and Ginga. I do not own this video, and make no money off of it. fair use 4:09Ginga from Gramma & Ginga Passed Away 9/27/22CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) — Harrison County comedic social media sensation Arlene "Ginga" Cody Bashnett has p...Gramma and Ginga gettin hot over the Olives again!Jukin Media Verified (Original)* For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcomJuly 7, 2017. Sibling rivalry never gets old — even when you’re 100. Sisters Gramma (103 years old) and Ginga (98) are from Clarksburg, W.V., and have become YouTube stars, thanks to their ...Hopefully this is clearer😊🤩Lights, camera, ACTION! 🎬Want to get a taste of what Gramma & Ginga: The Movie will be like? We now present.... the first offic...G̤̈r̤̈ä̤m̤̈m̤̈ä̤ & Ginga are 2 funny old ladies aged 106 and 101, taking the internet by storm with their hilarious videos! See all videos on our page and interact with us on all our social platforms. We our fans! Page · Comedian. [email protected]. and Ginga brought laughter and joy to me and my family ever since we first saw them on Steve Harvey’s show. They really cracked us up with how they would cuss at each other while saying it with love. I know that she will be in heaven rejoicing as she is with her family that has went before. From me and my family, we will be praying ...Jul 22, 2015 ... Grandma and Ginga climbing into Jeep. Frank Fumich•52K views · 0:32 · Go ... G&G Ginga and Frank "Alan" Exercise | Gramma And Ginga. Gr...Gramma and Ginga income. $ 79. last 7 days. Estimated earnings. $ 383. last 30 days. $ 1.96K. last 90 days. Check out the Youtube estimated earnings of Gramma and Ginga channel.  FAT Brands Inc. (NASDAQ:FATBB) fell 30% to $10.50. The company recently posted a Q2 net loss of $8.2 million or $0.50 per share. DZS Inc.... Indices Commodities Currencies...My 100 year old grandma climbs into my jeep and my 95 great aunt Ginga is next!...

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Photos. G and G: Gramma and Ginga. 1,150,052 likes · 3,690 talking about this. G̤̈r̤̈ä̤m̤̈m̤̈ä̤ & Ginga are 2 fu...

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"He's Runnin' a Whore House!!" Gramma is quick to point out how friendly the guy is with Ginga!😉...

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Before her great grandson Christian left for school, he invited Gramma to Miami😎👙... she certainly ...

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Sep 28, 2022 · The remaining half of the Clarksburg-native Facebook and YouTube famous duo “Gramma and Ginga” h...

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G&G The BIG Reunion | Gramma and Ginga | 104 and 99 year old sisters REUNITED!! THIS is what ev...

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